What’s the True Quality Level of Your Driveway?

Homeowners today are faced with a barrage of choices. Almost every aspect of owning a property, from the biggest structural aspects to the smallest finishings, come in a whole array of options. Then there are questions of who to use for various utilities and services, and who to contract for various home renovation and maintenance projects.

In other words, owning a home is all about choices, decisions, judgement calls. The average homeowner makes thousands of choices every year. Some choices strengthen the value and integrity of the home. Others might detract from it.

Choosing a contractor to handle your driveway may seem like a relatively unimportant decision, especially if you consider the relative costs of other home renovation projects, such as remodeling the kitchen or bathrooms, or adding a whole new wing to the house. But the driveway can be a sneaky source of frustration if you cut corners and choose whatever contractor you find, without properly examining their level of expertise and experience. Considering the fact that homeowners spend between $3,000 and $5,000 on a brand new driveway installation (more if it’s concrete), this is an area that should be paid more attention.

Keep in mind that your driveway is going to deal with a lot of physical use and stress. You’re going to be constantly driving, hauling, walking and playing on that surface. The temperatures are going to change with the seasons, causing the asphalt or concrete to expand and contract. There are going to be natural elements. You might be using certain chemicals to deal with ice or snow during the winter time. How is your pavement going to stand up to this abuse, year after year?

It’s also worth considering the stylistic and aesthetic aspect of your driveway. If you end up with a highly skilled contractor, you’ll notice the difference in terms of how the driveway looks, whether you’re up close or down the block. If they driveway isn’t very well made, this will also be noticeable.

Basically, we’re talking about the importance of working with a skilled contractor. There are people out there who really know what they’re doing. Others might pretend to by highly skilled and experienced, while their results tell another story. Here are some qualities to look for when choosing a contractor to handle your driveway.

  • Only uses the highest quality mixtures when it comes to asphalt and concrete
  • Only brings safe, modern, industrial equipment to handle the installation properly
  • Is led by extremely well trained experts with years of concrete and asphalt experience
  • Is highly service-oriented and responsive to customer queries
  • Offers written, contractual guarantees to back up the quality of their work
  • Is fair and transparent in terms of pricing

It’s also important to find a contractor whose reputation is backed by consistently positive client reviews. Before you put your investment in the hands of a given contractor, you want to know that other customers are totally satisfied with their driveways and customer service experiences.

Rethinking the driveway

When you look closely, the driveway is a very important part of the home. It’s also a major investment, often adding up to the cost of a very decent used vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of skipping over the details and assuming that one driveway installation specialist is as good as the next. There are a broad range of contractors out there, and the one you choose will have a definite effect on the quality of your driveway and the success of your driveway investment.