What are the Top 10 Industrial Paving Projects?

Pavement projects are everywhere — and we’re not just talking about driveways and sidewalks. Every day across America, there are countless industrial pavement works in progress. What’s the difference between the ones that last and the ones that don’t? It’s all about the quality of the installation and the skill of the company doing the work. Here are 10 of the most common industrial paving projects going on right now.

1. Airport parking lots

Have you ever wondered how all those airport parking lots get paved? The answer is: Very professionally, and very carefully! Airport parking lots can be enormous in size, and only the best professionals are hired to make sure the job is done right.

2. Factory paving

America’s factories depend on quality asphalt installations that hold up through the years, in all types of weather. The contractors hired to pave factories are usually the most reputable and experienced in the business.

3. Milling

Old asphalt sometimes just isn’t good enough, and has become too problematic. This may have been due to poor installation or simply the passage of time. Either way, it’s sometimes necessary for a contractor to come in and “mill” or remove the old asphalt so that new pavement can be installed.

4. Overlay and repaving

Brand new installations are not always necessary, even at the industrial level. Sometimes the pavement can be overlaid and/or repaved with new asphalt, which is more economical (in many cases) than milling the old material and starting fresh.

5. Warehouse paving

Warehouses can be enormous, and problematic or incorrect paving can be very costly over time. All of these massive warehouses need the highest level of professionalism when it comes to pavement — whether it’s asphalt, concrete, or another type of pavement such as tar and chip.

6. Parking lot expansion

Businesses often find that their old parking lots are just too small as the business continues to grow. Parking lot expansion is a surprisingly common industrial paving project.

7. Lumber yard paving

Despite all the new high-tech building materials out there, wood will always be a perennial favorite. Lumber yards are big places with heavy trucks, and they need very strong asphalt installations in order to function well.

8. Line striping

This is very important for roads and parking lots, as it makes them safe and practical for drivers to use. Painted lines fade over time, and people often neglect the task of repainting or retouching them. Regular line striping is fairly easy and affordable, and worth the effort.

9. Lane widening

Roads are often built too narrow. We’ve all seen this. Over time, the traffic and usage increases until it becomes obvious that certain lanes or roads have to be widened and expanded. This is a very common industrial paving project.

10. Seal coating

Companies spend a lot of money to get their asphalt installations right, and they want results that are going to last. Regular sealcoating by a pro (usually once every year or two, depending on the type of installation and how heavily it’s being used) is one of the keys to maintaining good asphalt.

A more professional approach

Just as there are a wide variety of paving projects out there, a wide spectrum of quality exists in terms of pavement specialists. If you’re in need of pavement services, whether industrial or residential, it’s important to find a skilled and experienced company that has earned strong review scores in the community.