Three Benefits of Striping (or Re-Striping) Your Commercial Parking Lot

When it comes to putting stripes on asphalt or concrete pavement, residential settings aren’t really in the conversation. You’d need a pretty big house, and a lot of guests and/or employees, to justify a striped parking area with designated spaces. But when it comes to commercial, office and retail settings, it’s almost impossible to do without stripes. There is already a lot of documented evidence about the safety-related and aesthetic benefits of quality stripes.

And yet, there are businesses and offices out there who try to get by without putting stripes on their parking lots — even when there are laws and regulations that make it mandatory. This usually happens for one of two reasons. Either the business is trying to save cash by not striping their lot, or they’re simply unaware of the benefits. When you look at the cost savings, they aren’t much compared to the following benefits:

Aesthetic value

When you think about the appearance of a “blank” or unstriped parking lot, it just doesn’t look very good. Especially when it fills up with vehicles parked any which way. This also limits the number of cars that can fit into your lot.

On the other hand, think about a parking lot that’s been freshly striped by qualified professionals. This creates a bright, clean, organized aesthetic that maximizes your parking lot’s capacity, safety and efficiency. It just looks better for your business.


This is far and away the most important reason to have your parking lot striped. A parking lot with no guiding organizational principle is full of accidents waiting to happen. People aren’t sure how to enter or exit. Pedestrians walking to and from their vehicles have to keep a close eye out for others who are driving, and vice versa. Vehicles themselves are at risk of being dinged or scratched as people pull in and out of their parked positions.

There are also issues of legality. Many cities and states have strict laws in place for parking lot safety. Even if there are no such rules, businesses put their visitors and themselves at risk by leaving the “flow” and configuration of their parking lot to chance.

Efficiency and Convenience

Everybody’s busy these days, including your business and the people who visit — be they customers, employees or colleagues. It saves time and stress for everybody involved if there is a clear organizing principle at work in your parking lot, and orderly designated parking spots that reduce the occurrence of costly accidents and mishaps.

Is it cost-effective to stripe my parking lot?

Knowing how much it will actually cost to lay fresh stripes on your parking lot is obviously an important factor. The exact number will depend on the dimensions involved, the contractor, and possibly a few other variables. But as a general rule of them, most businesses will pay anywhere from $200 to $700 to have their parking lots freshly striped. Many choose to re-stripe every year or two to keep the parking lot fresh and professional. Many asphalt specialists can provide this service; but make sure to find someone with a solid reputation and good client feedback.