Is it Possible to Expand My Parking Lot?

People who own and manage businesses — whether those businesses are large or small — are constantly working hard. On any given day, there might be hundreds or even thousands of details that have to be accounted for. But there’s an aim and a goal to all this hard work: Growth. Every business not only wants to sustain itself, but to expand and flourish.

If you’re a retail space, or even an office, this might mean that you eventually run out of places to park. Sounds like a nice problem to have, doesn’t it? Except that when you actually have this problem, you might not know how to handle it. You might wonder if it’s possible to expand your parking lot, or whether you have to think about a more expensive and comprehensive solution.

The short answer is yes — parking lots can be expanded in many cases. Basically, you’re constrained by two factors:

1. Property lines and regulations

Obviously you can’t build a parking lot on someone else’s property, or against local regulations. Doing so will prove very costly for you, even if no one notices right away. A truly professional paver won’t let this happen, even if the customer fails to notice a problem.

2. The skill and professionalism of your paving company

If it so happens that your retail parking lot can be expanded, it really comes down to the skill and professionalism of the company you hire. If you’re going to have an installation that seamlessly fits with the existing surface and doesn’t “stick out like a sore thumb,” you’ll need to work with a contractor who has modern tools, highly-trained staff, and a rock-solid track record of success.

Potential problems

Some of the problems you might encounter by hiring the wrong contractor to expand your parking lot include uneven surfaces, faulty dimensions, poor quality pavement, incorrectly installed sub-base layers (the layer between the ground and the actual surface of the pavement), and so on. There have been cases where businesses paid to have their parking lots expanded, but the work was so poorly-done that the entire parking lot soon had to be milled, and a fresh parking lot laid. The final result may have been very good, but it took a lot of money to get there — and for a business trying to grow, pavement is one of those areas where you don’t want to spend any more than necessary.

Finding a good contractor

If you’re a business owner or manager whose parking lot is no longer working for you, you might not be aware of the all the options available to you. The best place to start is a consultation with the best area pavement specialist you can find. One or more experts should visit your site, discuss the shortcomings of your existing lot, and talk about possible solutions. Re-striping and repair work can often make a surprising difference, even if the parking lot can’t be expanded. The important thing is to have a contractor on your side who understands your goals as a business and will be honest and transparent in the way they address your parking lot.