Line Striping

Line Striping is an essential part of what helps your property function for a variety of reasons. It is easy to turn a beautiful paving job into an average one if the line striping and finishing touches are not completed correctly. Asphalt paving and parking lot paving is serious investment for a business and needs to be approached with care and optimal efficiency. D & R Paving wants your project to go smooth and look great upon completion. Line striping is like icing on the cake as a well striped parking lot adds a lot of value aesthetically to a solid paving project. The curb appeal however, is just one of the values created when line striping is done properly.

Many business owners are not aware of how important a well planned and properly lined parking lot is to their business. First impressions matter. High quality line striping in New Jersey for your commercial parking lot initiates trust by making your business look well organized from the outside before your customers ever set foot on the inside. It is important to maintain bright and visible line striping for both community appeal and for property efficiency of your properties square footage. Maximizing the number of cars that can safely be accommodated at your facility is not just aesthetically appealing, it is good business.

Safety First.

D & R Paving provides professional line striping that will ensure safe usage of your parking lot. Beyond just your parking spaces, correct line striping will direct traffic correctly, ensure proper entry and exiting of your property, and will help avoid potential accidents with both automobiles and pedestrians alike. Our line striping offers long lasting paint, consistent and true lines, and well defined edges. Lastly, well defined markings and a well maintained parking lot will drastically reduce the odds of accidents occurring and the liability exposure of the property owner and management should an unfortunate event occur. Protect both your customers and yourself by making sure your business property is well defined with proper line striping. D & R Paving is happy to provide a free consultation and analysis of your property, even phone consults are an option if you have a photograph of your property.
Our line striping services are perfect for:

  • Parking lots
  • Warehouses
  • New construction
  • Shopping Malls
  • Parking decks and structures
  • Driveways and paths
  • Recreational facilities

Line Stenciling:

Line stenciling is for customizing markings and wording on your parking lot or driving areas. These areas may need to identify reserved parking spots or emergency vehicle lanes or other designated areas. Often warehouses and factories need loading zones specially marked for safety purposes. How about increasing sales? You may want to add your company name or logo added for marketing purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Whatever your reason or need, size or scope, NJ Asphalt has both the experience and resources to deliver. We have provided line striping in New Jersey to hundreds of business owners. We would be happy to serve you also. For a free estimate, Contact Us Today!