How Do I Know My Pavement Specialist is Legitimate?

Whether you are looking to put in a new residential driveway or full-size parking lot in front of your business, you want to be sure that you hire a pavement specialist you can trust. Working with a trustworthy crew will make the job much easier for you, and the right specialist will ensure that your pavement project is done to the highest professional standard.

As you first step into the pool of possibilities in the pavement world, you may be wondering how you will ever be certain that the contractor you choose is truly what he claims to be. Here are some qualities for which you want to be on the lookout as you search for you pavement specialist.

1. Good reviews online

Back in the day, people looking to prove the trustworthiness of their potential contractor had to rely on personal recommendations from family and friends. While this is still an excellent way to find the best pavement specialist available, people now have the option of reading an abundance of reviews about the contractor online. This is especially helpful if you do not personally know anyone who has hired the contractor. People are usually very honest when they write reviews — whether their experience was positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

2. A history of successful projects

As you talk to contractors on the phone and/or continue reading reviews, you will want to know about successful projects in the past. Ask your pavement specialist to discuss some of the previous jobs they’ve done — preferably projects that similar to yours in scope. You can even ask to see photos of other projects that the company has completed successfully — this instills confidence in the work being done.

3. Modern equipment

In the age of highly specialized technology that we live in today, the best paving equipment can be understandably pricey. However, you get a much higher level of workmanship if the specialist that you hire has some modern, well-maintained equipment in their fleet. Stabilizers, milling machines, graders, and sweepers — these are some of the important tools your pavement contractor should have at his disposal.

4. Highly trained staff

As good as a manager may be, it’s important to know who will actually be at your job site, doing the work you’ve commissioned. Make sure that you ask your specialist about the staff, their level of training, and their years of experience. Find out if they have completed the successful projects in the past that were previously discussed. Ask if a manager will be on-site to supervise the work.

5. Good communication

As with any profession that requires customer service, your pavement specialist should be open and clear about costs, time frames, and other details before the job even gets underway. Good communication makes the job flow easily between what your desires and the work that is done.

The right pavement specialist

Finding the right pavement specialist in your area can be a challenge, but focusing on these five important concepts will help you immensely in your search. When it comes to pavement, getting the job done correctly the first time around is of utmost importance.