Installing a New Patio This Summer? Read This First!

It’s no secret that summer is the best time for home improvement projects, especially if you’re from New Jersey, or a similar state with distinct seasons. When the winter is long and cold, those projects and ideas tend to “stack up,” and by the time spring comes, you might have a long list of improvements that need to be taken care of.

But let’s face it, some projects are more appealing than others. A new patio for the summertime, for example, is just the kind of thing to celebrate the end of winter. Homeowners love patio projects, and the annual statistics consistently show the popularity of new patios.

However – before you dive into your next patio project, here are some things you should know.

1. Masonry and paving work can be difficult

There’s a lot of DIY work going on out there, and there should be. People have more information than ever, and there are so many small projects that can be hugely satisfying and rewarding as a homeowner. Home renovations can be a great hobby. But keep in mind that masonry and paving can be difficult projects to tackle, especially if you want a really great result. It’s not unheard of (in fact, it’s very common) for DIY pavement projects to result in professional demolition and a fresh installation.

2. Not all masonry and pavement specialists are the same

There are widely varying levels of experience and skill in the pavement industry – just like any other business. Fortunately, there are powerful tools (namely social media and online information) that can help homeowners make more informed decisions. Your chosen contractor should have plenty of experience with patios, and should be able to show photos of patios they’ve finished, or even arrange a personal visit. Moreover, good patio builders are happy to speak to people about their projects and offer feedback without expecting a job order or contract. That’s just the nature of an organized and reputable company.

3. There are a lot of designs to consider!

Your patio doesn’t have to a boring, conventional setup. There are accents, styles, and even new materials these days that can really bring your patio project to live. Ask a patio specialist in your area for a bid – you might be surprised at what you find!

But what kind of patio specialist should you hire?

Not all patio specialists are the kind of contractors who also perform interior renovations, or build things like outdoor decks. In fact, some of the most skilled contractors for patio installation are those who are highly skilled in pavement applications – including concrete, brick pavers, and other types of pavement. It really depends on what kind of patio you’re building ­– but if it involves pavement, it’s a good idea to look for contractors who specialize in masonry, pavement, and similar aspects of landscape improvement. You’ll also want someone who has earned solid reviews from past clients, and has examples of finished patio projects they can show you. Good luck with your next project!