Belgian Block

Are you ready to make a statement with the look of your driveway? Do you want to create an upscale look for the entryway to your home? Belgian block is perfect to edge or line driveways. You may have seen Belgian block and referred to it as cobblestone, when it really was Belgian block. Made from various types of stone, Belgian blocks create a stylish statement and better defines your design aesthetic in Landing NJ. D & R Paving installs beautiful and affordable Belgian blocks for home and business owners!

Why Should You Add Belgian Blocks to Your Exterior in NJ?

For 40 years, our company has been installing all types of pavers including Belgian block. This high-end material makes a beautiful statement.Clients throughout the communities of Northern New Jersey choose Belgian block pavers because they:

  • Define a Space, like Mulch Beds or Driveways
  • Last a Long Time
  • Require Minimal Maintenance
  • Can Be Used for Many Spaces including Patios
  • Are Fire-Resistant
  • Easy to Repair Because the Blocks Are Rough
  • Bring Together Style and Function

Belgian Block Installation with a Professional & Experienced Team in NJ

For 3 generations, our team has been installing Belgian block driveways for home and business owners in our community. Every one of our highly-trained employees is licensed and insured in Belgian block driveway installation. We have a hands-on owner that actually participates at every single job site, ensuring that our work is done beautifully. With every service, we work to exceed customer expectations and create lifelong clients. No matter the size of the job, we handle it with perfection and superb craftsmanship.

Considering Belgian Blocks? Schedule a Free Estimate Today!

Are you ready to finally update the look of your home? Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for the installation of Belgian block pavers. We will send a licensed and insured professional to your space. If you need help, we will create a plan for Belgian block paver installation and determine the cost of your service. You may not realize how big of a transformation you will see after you have your new Belgian block driveway or walkway!

Belgian Block is an ideal solution for:

Belgian Block curbing creates an upscale appearance wherever it is used. It’s strong and versatile and can be used in the most demanding situations.
Belgian Block edging creates a dramatic effect in any garden or landscaping environment
Belgian Block pavers are beautiful and extremely durable; wherever they’re used, they’re permanent.
Belgian Block can be used to create beautiful, unique driveways that will last a lifetime.Adding a neat row of Belgian block stones to each side of an asphalt driveway will boost its curb appeal while also providing a clear visual aid as you back out or pull in.
Accent your driveway with a Belgian Block apron for a truly dramatic entrance to your home or business.
Belgian Block can be used to make a wide variety of walls for retaining, privacy or landscaping.
A beautiful way to accentuate the entrance to a home or business.
Use Belgian Block paving stones to create decorative patterns for garden paths and walkways.