What Is Brick Pavement and Why Do People Want It?

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and inspired. When guests arrive, you want them to be able to see that you take pride both the form and function of this essential space. Homeowners are constantly striving to give their homes a look of completion, even from the outside. To that end, brick pavement is a fantastic options for homeowners. Affordable, classy, functional. These are just a few words people use to describe it.

But what is brick pavement?

You probably already know how bricks are made. Various types of clay are fired or baked in a kiln. But not all brick pavement has to involve traditional bricks. Some materials today that look like brick may not actually be brick. For example, brick concrete is basically concrete in brick form. Some people actually prefer it, and with the right contractor, it’s possible to get close to the classic look and texture of actual brick.

Brick pavement can be laid in a variety of different patterns, such as basket weave and herringbone. There are endless opportunities to create a personal touch. When brick pavement is installed by an experienced pavement professional, the bricks themselves work together with the sand that joins them and the foundation underneath to create a durable system.

And what about the most common areas to lay brick pavement? The list includes patios, walkways, driveways, and garden paths.

Why Do People Want Brick Pavement?

Since the bricks are formed from clay, you don’t have to worry about them losing their color or even having to do much maintenance at all on your brick pavement. Even though concrete pavement remains a cheaper option, it often requires sealing and can wear out quickly over time.

Brick does not erode easily over time. People also choose it as a form of pavement because it makes repairs easy. Rather than having to replace the whole area as you would with concrete, you can replace one brick at a time. Even when brick pavement gets lots of traffic from feet, bicycles and vehicles, the surface can easily last 25 years with minimal maintenance. Brick pavement also offers a charming look that other types of pavement simply can’t match. Many people today admire the rustic yet urban feeling that bricks add to residential and commercial exteriors.

Can I do it myself?

Laying brick pavement is a lot trickier than other kinds of pavement, so finding a specialist who has a good deal of knowledge and experience is key. A specialist will have the knowledge to lay any pattern you wish and will ensure a structurally sound installation from top to bottom. Since mistakes during installation can create lingering and frustrating problems over time, choosing a qualified contractor is even more important.

A good brick pavement installation will definitely add a special touch to your home, and will wear beautifully over time. Such a unique look is well worth the extra cost and labor that goes into it. If you’re looking for a unique yet classic look for your driveway or walkway, brick pavement is a serious contender.