Does Asphalt Repair Last?

The asphalt in front of your home or business has noticeable flaws, the idea of repairing it has been on your mind. At the same time, you’ve wondered whether those repairs would actually stand the test of time, and be worth the money. You’re skeptical, and you wonder if those trouble spots will reappear and cause problems down the line.

If you hire a skilled asphalt repair specialist, you need not concern yourself about spots reappearing. The right contractor can absolutely make asphalt repair worth your time and money. Here are some important things to know about asphalt repair.

Importance of timing

When you notice cracks, potholes, or improper drainage in your asphalt, do not wait to address these issues — they will only get worse with time. A flaw on the surface of the asphalt is often a sign of bigger problems beneath, in the base and sub-base layers. The sooner these problems are addressed, the better your chances of avoiding major problems in the future.

Good quality repair work

Simply sealing the cracks — which is how many people attempt to solve the problem — cannot always correct the underlying problems in asphalt. Oftentimes, the professional contractor you hire will use specialized equipment to inject sand underneath the driveway itself. This helps solidify the faulty foundation (which may have not been installed properly by the company who built it) and strengthen your driveway where it counts. Repairing the foundation of your driveway or parking lot can also help solve grading issues — which may be allowing water to pool on the surface of your pavement. Leaving this problem unsolved is equally problematic.

How to find the best contractor for your repair work

Asphalt repair requires heavy, expensive industrial equipment. Before you hire someone, ask about the equipment they use for jobs like your. An experienced crew is equally important. Ask about the work experience of the people who are actually going to be working on your job site, and make sure you’re getting experienced people who are going to keep things safe and turn out quality work.

Another vital aspect of asphalt repair is good communication. If your questions and concerns are falling on deaf ears, the repair process will be more difficult for both parties. Pricing and the cost of labor is another important aspect to address with the company before beginning work. Pay attention to these details — it will help you get the most out of your repair work.

Asphalt repair is worth it

Even though your asphalt may have problems (often because of a subpar performance during the actual installation of the pavement), there are ways to professionally address those problems and bring your driveway or parking lot up to speed — without having to mill it completely and start over. Look for a reputable, proven asphalt repair specialist with plenty of positive feedback in the community, then ask plenty of questions. When the repair work is finished, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that all your bases are covered, and that your pavement is going to look better and last longer.