Why Some Asphalt Companies are Better than Others

In this day and age, we’re used to having a lot of choices. All you have to do is turn on the TV and wait for the commercials — or better yet, surf Amazon or eBay for a couple of hours — to see just how many choices we have in terms of the goods and services we need.

Some of those choices cause us to pay more attention. When the newest smart phone comes out, for example, we immediately start researching whether or not to upgrade. The same is true for fashion, nutrition, and many other products.

But pavement? Is that something we really have to think about? For most people, it’s a rudimentary need that doesn’t require much deliberation at all. Simply open the phone book (or more accurately, search Google) and find a pavement contractor in your area. Get a quote, schedule a date, and your pavement project is done. Then, don’t think about it for ten or twenty years.

This is a great strategy, because nobody wants to spend a lot of time thinking about pavement. But the reality is, pavement is an area where we still have a lot of choices. Depending on where you live, there might be dozens of pavement contractors in your area. The surprising thing is, your choice really does matter. Some of these contractors are experienced, reputable, and work to the highest professional standards. Others cut corners, use inferior tools and materials, don’t train their workers properly, and may not even be licensed. Which type of contractor is more likely to deliver a great result?

As you set out to choose an asphalt or concrete specialist, it’s important to remember that you really don’t want to think about pavement any more than you have to. That means you want the highest quality installation possible, especially if you live an area with harsh winters and hot summers. New Jersey is a perfect example. These drastic temperature fluctuations cause pavement to expand and contract, resulting in premature aging and all the cracks, potholes and instabilities that go along with that.

So let’s return to the central question: Why are some asphalt companies better than others? The main reasons are fairly straightforward. The best asphalt companies invest in modern equipment, and are constantly upgrading their pavement fleets. They also invest in their employees, making sure that the highest levels of training and education are reached. Finally, they put a prime on experience, and are led by professionals who have ample experience in the field.

You also want to make sure your asphalt company has written guarantees to back up their work. You’d be surprised how many of these contractors actually don’t offer you a written guarantee. They might guarantee their work verbally, but this is totally meaningless when it comes to offering you any real kind of assurance that the quality of your pavement work will be high, and that it will be free from mistakes. There’s no doubt that some asphalt companies are better than others — just like with any other product or service. The question is, will you make the right choice?