5 Industrial Paving Projects that Demand Professionalism

There are many industrial settings out there, and most of them are important in some way to local communities and the economy. Being successful in any industry involves thinking about fundamentals, and the basic building blocks of success. Infrastructure definitely falls into this category, and pavement is one of the most underrated aspects of infrastructure. Here are five industrial paving projects that absolutely demand professionalism on every project.

1. Airport parking lots

Airport parking lots are huge, and in many cities, they also have to endure exposure to extreme temperatures every year. Cities who are building or maintaining airports have long known that the airport is a statement about the area and its inhabitants. The functionality of airport parking lots is also extremely important. The companies who pave them should know this.

2. Bus stations

Bus terminals are everywhere in this country, in large cities and many small towns alike. This is an area where people gather, and buses are constantly loading and unloading. If your pavement was installed cheaply by an inexperienced contractor, that wear and tear is quickly going to show. Bus stations are a public and professional setting that should be paved by a reputable company.

3. Factories

“Factory” is a very broad term, and there are countless different types of factories out there – but that’s exactly the point. No matter what your factory produces, you’re trying to be as efficient and durable as possible. Factories are heavy work zones, and good pavement is an asset people sometimes take for granted. But there is a different between highly professional pavement experts and budget contractors. Factories are one place where you shouldn’t cut corners on the quality of your pavement.

4. Lumber Yards

No matter how much things change, lumber remains a mainstay of the construction industry – and that means lumber yards are busier than ever. If you’ve ever visited a lumber yard, you know that space and organization are key. And it’s impossible for a lumber yard to be truly organized and accessible without reliable, professionally-installed pavement to drive on. There are both big and small vehicles in lumber yards, and pavement has to be installed in a way to handle a lot of pressure and use.

5. Pothole repair

You may not think of pothole repair as an “industrial paving project,” but when you’ve got hundreds or even thousands of potholes to be addressed, it’s a job better left to the most reputable and efficient asphalt professionals out there. Anyone who lives in areas with cold winters and hot summers (such as New Jersey) knows that potholes can easily become a serious problem if not addressed right away. And if pothole repair isn’t done in the most professional way, the results can actually be more trouble than they’re worth as old potholes open right back up again. Knowing how to maximize the lifespan of a pothole repair is one of the hallmarks of a true asphalt professional.

To find the best asphalt specialist in your area, online reputation and customer reviews are important indicators of quality!