5 Common Mistakes Made By Pavement Specialists

Pavement is prevalent and necessary in today’s world, but laying pavement is a task that few people can tackle effectively by themselves. Thus, a pavement specialist is a position that is highly called for. However, finding the right one may prove to be a challenge. As you search for the right specialist to do your pavement project, keep these common mistakes in mind in order to focus in on the best contractors available in your area.

1. Using outdated equipment

The equipment alone could stand as the main reason that homeowners do not often tackle any pavement projects themselves. Up-to-date equipment is expensive, and the best asphalt specialists will have knowledge about the right equipment to use. For example, a 3,000 lb. drum roller is how the soil will be compacted properly while the base and sub-base layers are installed.

2. Sending inexperienced workers to a job site

As with any field of construction, you can’t put a price on experience. Some contractors may choose to send rookies to your job site — and while everyone needs to learn at some point, you probably don’t want this learning process to occur at your expense. Ask your contractor about the work crew and what kind of experience they have had regarding projects like yours.

3. Not properly installing the base and sub-base layers

Proper grading is a vital step that must occur before laying the pavement. This allows water to run off. Another step that contractors often feel free to skim over is allowing the base layer to sit for about 1 week. If this settling is not allowed, movement is more likely to occur, leading to cracks and other malfunctions.

4. Overbooking themselves

Although the contractor may not overbook himself intentionally, this often happens when contractors don’t allow enough time to complete a job. Before hiring, make sure the contractor allows a proper amount of time to get the job done efficiently. Ask what the plan will be if the job ends up taking longer than targeted.

5. Not communicating with clients

When it comes to describing the building process and being clear about the funds that will be involved, good communication skills are essential in your contractor. It may be helpful to look up online reviews and/or talk to references in person and ask about ideas like these. A lack of communicating with clients will make the job very complicated. Since the contractor is the one you hire for your job, he should be willing to take the first step in addressing the issues at hand.

Find a specialist that doesn’t make these mistakes!

Pavement stands out as a profession in which drastic consequences occur if the job is not done correctly the first time. If the contractor you are working with does not send experienced workers or tends to overbook himself, the contractor is very unlikely to perform your project well. An experienced contractor who features modern equipment, an experienced work crew and excellent communication will make the job go smoothly and efficiently.