The 5 Most Common Complaints About Asphalt Companies

When was the last time you had a complaint about a service or product you purchased? Concrete and asphalt is no different — this is both a produce and a service, and it needs to be done right. So why do so many complaints exist? Here are five of the most common.

1. They took too long to call back

Efficiency of communication is key when working with a contractor like this. You’ve got a problem, you’re looking for a professional solution, and you expect a company that wants your business and wants to make a happy customer out of you. Taking days or even weeks to return phone calls and emails is really poor practice, and is probably indicative of problems elsewhere in the company.

2. The price was too high

Getting a good value is important, but that can be tough to do when you really don’t know what an average asphalt/concrete repair or installation may cost. It’s fairly easy to find national averages for the kind of work you’re having done, and comparing your local contractors’ bids to those averages can be useful. Beware of any contractor whose bid seems unusually low, however, as the professionalism and even qualifications of these people may be in question.

3. The company overbooked itself

Watch out for the kind of contractor that says anything to secure the contract, but then once you sign, the attitude begins to change. Hopefully they won’t be brash enough to try and raise prices, because that’s when you know you’ve got a really disreputable contract on your hands. But some companies will employ softer tactics, like bumping your project back several weeks from the agreed-upon time due to “unforeseen scheduling commitments.” The best contractors value your time as much their own.

4. The installation is already cracking up

Both concrete and asphalt are supposed to last a long time — and when properly installed, they do. But not every paved surface is properly installed. Things tend to go especially haywire when errors are made during the installation so the base and sub-base levels — in other words, the underlying structure beneath the concrete or asphalt surface. This is actually as important as the concrete or asphalt itself, and when it’s not done right, premature cracks and potholes can appear.

5. The guarantee wasn’t honored

The fact is, anybody can give you a verbal guarantee. Anybody can assure you that nothing’s going to go wrong with the installation, and tell you that if anything does go wrong, they’ll take care of the problem right away. But there’s a huge difference between a verbal and a written guarantee. Anything your contractor tells you in terms of a warranty or guarantee should be absolutely backed up and made clear in the contract you sign. That’s the only way the agreement is actually legal.

Dependable results

When it comes to asphalt and concrete, getting the best bang for your buck is all about choosing the most experienced and reputable contractor in your area. It’s really as simple as that!