3 Common Outdoor Drainage Problems and Solutions

In New Jersey, water can be a problem any time of year. We have fluctuating temperatures in the winter, which lead to cycles of snowmelt and thaw long before spring arrives. Then the winter is over, and all of the snow turns to liquid water. During the spring and summer, we can have heavy rains and even tropical storms. Then the whole cycle starts over again.

What does this mean? Simply that there are a lot of drainage problems that affect homeowners every year, and without the right solutions, things can get frustrating and costly in a hurry. Here are 3 common outdoor drainage problems and solutions to consider.

1. Landscape contours create standing water

Landscapes come in all shapes and sizes – that’s what makes them such a fun challenge if you’re a homeowner. Drainage and storm water management can be critical issues in many different landscapes, and there are a few simple reasons for that. First, standing water in the yard will wreak havoc on the grass and plants that are underwater. If you put a lot of time and care into your lawn, you definitely don’t want standing water ruining the grass or other landscape features. Second, and more importantly, standing water can end up pooling around the base of your home. This can lead to foundation problems and water damage in the basement (if you have one). Then you’re talking about extensive repairs, potential mold problems, and so on.

Solution: Build one or more retaining walls in strategic locations to prevent water from accumulating, and to facilitate proper drainage.

2. Constant problems with standing water

Sometimes, retaining walls aren’t really enough to manage the heavy rainfall or water accumulation in your yard. The water simply needs somewhere else to go.

Solution: Build a drywell, which is a well in the ground that stays empty or “dry” unless there is too much water on your property. When too much water is present, the drywell provides a critical runoff point.

3. You have drainage problems, but you want a stylish solution

There are many different types of drainage systems that can be professionally installed, but some of them might not compliment your landscapes as much as you’d like.

Solution: Consider the full range of drain services available from your local contractor, from catch basins to French drains to inlets and interceptor drains. Whatever your drainage needs, there is most likely an installation that will satisfy both your technical and aesthetic requirements!

You don’t know who to call!

In some areas, quality drainage services may be difficult to come by – or even non-existent. In other areas, there is an abundance of contractors, and you just don’t know which one to pick. When in doubt, conduct some research online and talk to friends who may have had drainage work done in your area recently. Use your research to put together a short list of contractors to call, and go from there. People are usually very surprised when they find out how easy and affordable it is to get professional drainage services.