3 Common Questions About Industrial Paving

Have you ever heard the term “industrial paving” and wondered what it meant? Have you been in need of paving services and not know which “type” of paver to hire, or even where to start looking? Pavement is such a huge part of the world we live in that there are countless specialists and a long list of terms. Industrial paving sounds like “just another term” to many people, but it’s actually a highly specialized field with a wide array of applications. Here are 3 common questions (and answers!) about industrial paving!

1. Should industrial paving specialists be highly qualified?

The answer here is a definite yes. There’s a place for DIY paving, and even paving by amateur contractors who don’t have any professional training. But as projects become more complex and more expensive, the level of skill and training should escalate significantly. Industrial pavement projects are generally also large, and the need for precision and quality is greater than in other scenarios. Industrial paving contractors should have long years of experience in the business, with a thick file of successful projects under their belt. Without this kind of training and experience, they simply won’t be able to deliver that high level of professionalism necessary with industrial paving.

2. What equipment is involved in industrial paving

The array of trucks, and paving machines used in industrial paving is highly varied, depending on the size and scope of the project. One thing is for sure, however – the equipment is going to be highly specialized and very large in some cases. You won’t see contractors trying to complete big industrial jobs with the same set of tools and machines used to install an ordinary residential driveway; this would take far too long, and it wouldn’t give you the best possible result. One way you can always tell a legitimate professional from a “hack” is by looking at the equipment they use, and finding out where it sits on the spectrum of professional paving equipment.

3. What kinds of projects does industrial paving include?

As you might imagine, industrial paving tackles some of the biggest and most rugged jobs out there, from airport runways to huge, multi-level parking ramps. You’ll also see industrial paving contractors working on shopping malls, restaurants, housing developments, offices, warehouses, and many other projects. Some industrial paving companies also do smaller, residential jobs – but they probably won’t bring the same equipment for those jobs.

Who to trust for your industrial paving projects

Depending on where you do business, you might have any number of options when it comes to hiring a professional industrial paving specialist. But are they all going to deliver the same quality, the same longevity, and the same overall value for your project? Probably not. The truth is, there’s a wide spectrum of quality when it comes to industrial pavement – and if the contractor you hire is on the low end of things, the cost to your business will be significant over the long run. Choose carefully from the most qualified and respect pavement specialists in your area, and you’ll avoid these problems!