3 Common Asphalt Problems and Solutions

Life is full of challenges, especially if you’re the owner of a home and/or business. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep everything in order, especially when the problems keep piling up. That’s why people are generally frustrated when something goes wrong with an asphalt surface, like a driveway or commercial parking lot. They already have a lot of things to do, and finances are often tight. Having to deal with unexpected asphalt issues is the last thing on people’s minds – but it’s one of those things that has to be dealt with when it comes up. Otherwise the problems get worse over time.

Knowing in advance how to spot and treat problems with your asphalt pavement is the key to saving time and money over the long run. Here are three common asphalt problems and solutions you’ll want to be aware of.

1. Potholes

There are many methods for repairing potholes – the “throw and roll” where asphalt is literally shoveled into the pothole and rolled flat. There are spray injections and other types of professional, permanent repair. The most appropriate repair method will depend on the circumstances – but generally, what you give is what you get. A quick fix is not the same thing as a real structural repair.

2. Cracks

Cracks begin to form on the surface of pavement for various reasons. Weight, pressure, extreme temperature swings – and most important of all, the structural integrity of the pavement. Cracks are often the result of improper installation down in the base and sub-base layers of the pavement. Those repairs may or may not be feasible ­– but again, there are plenty of DIY solutions for filling asphalt cracks. They’re available at any home goods store. If you’ve got a lot of cracks, however – or if the crack situation seems troublesome, a professional should be able to come and sort it out properly for you.

3. Old asphalt

Sometimes, there isn’t any flaw in the pavement other than age. Both asphalt and concrete break down over time, and simply lose their form. This material can be milled and recycled into new asphalt by the same professional who installs brand new pavement on your business or home property. Doing them both at once may not cost as much as you think, and starting over with a brand new, high quality pavement installation is a good thing!

Call the right specialist

Like it or not, there are asphalt specialists out there who don’t have the highest levels of skill and experience. It’s the same in any industry – there are high-quality professionals and there are contractors who tend to cut corners. When you start reading online reviews on popular channels like Yelp and Facebook, it usually becomes obvious who the good ones are. Also pay attention to how promptly and clearly the specialist communicates with you. If you have to wait around for a long time before you get a response, you’ll likely experience similar delays and confusions throughout the asphalt repair process itself. Fortunately there are many good asphalt contractors out there – it’s just a matter of knowing how to find them!